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Yeoman offer Sales Process Training for companies who want to take control of their order book.

We provide training which includes:

  • Finding and handling sales leads
  • Turning leads into real business opportunities
  • Taking the next steps to turning the opportunity into an order
  • Closing the order
  • Managing leads, opportunities and orders in a structured process
  • How to plan and ensure regular order income.

Understanding sales

The sales process is not difficult and you do not need to be an alpha personality to be successful. The key to developing sales is the relationship that is built with the customer. Contrary to popular belief the sales process is about managing what the customer actually needs as opposed to forcing an idea or product on them. In most sales transactions the customer is actively looking for a solution, the sales process is about understanding what the customer actually wants and them working with them to remove the negatives that are stopping the purchasing decision.

In some companies sales is seen as a necessary evil and sales can sometimes be confused with the high pressure techniques that are used to create one off purchases with little consideration for a long term business relationship. Having over thirty years experience in selling, one truth has stood out, the cost of sale is much lower to existing customers, yet these are the relationships that suffer when the drive for new customers gets out of proportion.

In short sales is about finding the right solution that meets a number of needs from commercial to emotional. By following a defined process many small businesses can grow and maintain a healthy client base where two way communications builds up trust and understanding. Having a sales system that allows a business to track their customer needs alongside a new business plan are key to a sustainable business.

Building a reliable order intake

Too many businesses rely on the principle 'if we build it, they will come" and all of the talent and expertise they have is not maximised. This is not just an issue for small business but is also prevalent in all business, including multi-national companies, it would seem to be that businesses are so invested in their idea that they fail to see what the customer requires and bombard the with facts and features of their own product and service. While these may have real value failing to understand the customer often leads to a one size fits all sales approach which often fails.

The solution

By using a well understood sales process companies can understand customer needs and engage them in how the product or service will actually help the potential customer to overcome their own problems.

Experience has taught me that creating new business and converting this to a regular customer has many benefits, reduced cost of sale, orders are more predictable and regular which help to make an even revenue stream and by using a sales process gaps in order intake can be recognised the appropriate action taken.

Sales is not complex, you do not need to be a specialist, what is required is an understandable process and an ability to listen, with the willingness to tailor the approach to what you are hearing. Most people and businesses will buy your products or services but they will always have a number of concerns, understanding and addressing these needs is the key to success.

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Linkedin recommendations

Hanoch Magid, VP sales, MTS (colleague)

“Ian is a top-notch sales executive, establish strong relationships with his customers also has deep understanding of the solutions he sells. Ian has done a great job of developing a sales and distribution network of his region in a very short time, his entrepreneurial and positive spirit is an asset.”

Malcolm Duckett, VP Marketing EMEA, Telematics International (colleague)

“I worked with Ian at ECI/Telematics and then again (as an agency) with Mariner - Ian is a solid and committed individual, a fully competent sales professional, technically and commercially very capable. A good man!”