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A key component to successful sales is a well ordered Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. CRM software is now a low cost product sold by numerous companies that are either PC or Cloud based. Used in conjunction with a sales process it can be a major benefit in achieving you companies goals.

Unfortunately I have seen many businesses use them as just a place to keep customer contact data or as a tool to provide the sales forecast numbers.

Where a CRM really pays off is when it is fully integrated into the sales process. By creating reports that follow each step of the sales process a business can quickly identify it strengths and weaknesses.

If you take a simple sales process, finding leads, converting leads to opportunities, and converting opportunities to purchase orders, you can use a CRM to measure each stage.

By measuring each stage it is possible to identify where more attention is needed.

  • Are you getting enough leads?
  • Are a high enough proportion of leads turning into genuine opportunities?
  • What is your opportunity to order conversion rate?

Just focussing of the forecast sales number leads people to miss where the real improvements should be focussed.

In addition this information is invaluable to your marketing plans as it highlights where you message is weak.

Most CRM systems are packed full of tools to aid you, especially those that remind you that you are too narrowly focussed on only one particular stage of the process, the most common cause of a 'feast or famine' order book. And of course a CRM will allow you to run one database for leads, customers, suppliers, human resources etc.

We at Yeoman understand that a CRM should be used as an engine of growth and we offer a consultancy service to help you choose and set up your system so that you can maximise your sales and really understand how potential and existing companies respond to you.

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