Improve productivity and fast track projects

Improve productivity and fast track projects


The managing partners have 13 years’ experience each, managing IT projects and services at large multinational companies with a background of consulting and R&D references throughout Europe.

They established Kibit in 2016 with the objective to create a company focused on open communication, customer satisfaction and value creation.

Kibit helps customers to supply software projects. They have built a network with partners, and have the ability to scale resources to larger projects.

The key profile of the company is a full-stack software development service, with experienced teams and individual performers.

Kibit has local representation in Austria, Germany, UK and the Nordic countries to facilitate smooth communication and collaboration with the client’s project teams and resources.

Front end software development


Web applications, Web portals, Mobile applications, Content Displays, Admin consoles, Other endpoints, UI/UX Design, Field force consoles, Visualization, Marketing and Communications

Backend software development


Workflow management, Decision support & Analytics, Operations support, Reporting, Document management, Logistics management, Remote equipment and management.


Project management, Requirement & technology consulting, System Integration, Solution design, Data management, Testing, Support & Maintenance and Security services

Why Kibit Solutions Ltd

Strong customer and result orientation, Iterative, function-oriented agile development, Skilled development teams and adaptive collaboration models, Quality and professional delivery, trusted relationship, Capability to execute 30-50 personnel projects and Long-term business and technology support


ERP –End-to-end delivery of an enterprise management system for mid-sized company including but not limited to architecture, solution and UX design, full-stack software development, risk and project management. Scope of the project is to deliver a newly developed backend and mobile/tablet-based frontend solution.

Electric car charging system -development service to enhance and extend customer's project on developing control and charging software for electric cars in Austria.

Resource management system: our development team develops backend logic of a complex resource tracking tool and integrate with a sophisticated and dynamic frontend solution.

Web portal and shop solution for mid-sized company from design to deployment and support including continuous development of evolving custom needs.

Outsourced delivery of a robust backend development with a team of java experts including lead developer, senior developer and testers to ensure integrity of the team with customer environment and organization.

Requirement management project in the field of frontend development including but not limited to user experience planning, UI and user interaction design till the definition of the delivery of frontend applications on any screen (mobile, PC, console, etc.)


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