About us

Ian Betteridge is a successful, motivated sales manager with a strong international background of over 30 years of experience. He has proven track record working for both start-up companies and established organisations, and enjoys the challenge of building new business.

His teams have a very successful record in introducing new products via channels and direct sales into both the service provider and enterprise markets, winning multimillion pound orders. The key to these successes has been the belief that you must understand your customer’s business needs and establish good relationships.

Strong marketing skills and good technology understanding helped to successfully launch new products into the European and Asian markets.

Ian has used low cost but highly focussed campaigns that have brought new high value customers.

We are a Sales Services and Training Company who understand that  businesses have many difficulties to overcome as they grow. We understand that sales is not the main expertise and we focus on the sales process, allowing our customers to use their talents and vision effectively.

Over the course of 30 years in sales working for a range of businesses from start ups to multinational companies I have learnt that no matter the size of the organisation or the offering, a structured well understood sales process is key to success and aids in companies understanding where the business will grow and enables realistic planning.

We specialise in training and consultancy for small and medium businesses who understand that they need to grow at a sustainable cost.

We offer training in a practical sales process that can be utilised by all sizes of companies , where sales time is competing with all the other aspects of the business.

By using the techniques and processes that we train a business can grow without losing the core skills and ethos which is the true value of what you are offering.

We offer training in the sales process which gives a base structure that works across all market sectors.

We also offer sales consultancy for new sales and channel sales teams and assist companies wishing to set up new channels in the UK and Europe.

LinkedIn recommendations

Barry Mattacott, Marketing Manager, Wick Hill (colleague)

“Ian Betteridge, is a hard working, dedicated professional. He displays excellent product knowledge and a good insight into the industry and marketplace and is always available to provide any assistance that may be needed.”

Douglas Hendry, Network Engineering, Gamma Telecom (End user)

“I worked with Ian when he was with Procera. We were purchasing through a third party and Ian was supporting the sales proposal from the suppliers point of view. He was diligent and quick to respond to any concerns and questions I had on the hardware/software and was a good link into the technical department within Procera. I would say that Ian and his technical backup were key to the contract progressing. My experience of working with Ian would lead me to also say that he is a pleasant and courteous individual.”

Allan Tyrrell, Account Manager, Teneo (channel business partner)

“Working with Ian was a breath of fresh air compared to the usually mediocrity that exists in the channel, his knowledge, time keeping and over all professionalism is second to none.”